Countdown to Christmas: Cute Pet Outfits

Christmas is the time of year for much celebration. Of all the festive moments, though, the most exciting ones are when we dress up our pets in silly holiday outfits. Okay, maybe there are more important things during the holiday season, but who can deny the cuteness of an adorable pet in a winter wardrobe?

From sophisticated scarves on kittens, to cozy sweaters on puppies, here are 7 adorable photos to fill the cute pet quota as we count down the days until Christmas! Out of town for the holidays? Our Indian Land pet sitter team will treat your beloved animals like family while you’re gone.

A very “meowy” Christmas

Photo Credit: Love and Olive Oil

These sweet kitties look ready to celebrate in their tiny red and white accessories in front of the sparkly white Christmas tree. Our Indian Land pet sitter team cares for many cats in the Charlotte area. We would love to meet your pet!

Husky in a Christmas bow tie

Photo Credit: Stephanie Sterjovski

This husky dog named Bandit is wearing the most gorgeous Christmas bow tie! Doesn’t he look dapper? Huskies are notoriously high-energy, so this is the perfect way to dress up for the holidays without overdoing it. Our Indian Land Pet Sitter crew has lots of experience with huskies and we’d love to care for your gorgeous dog!

Heidi the Christmas Goat

Photo credit: Rachel Smith

Meet Heidi the Christmas Goat! She is looking so festive in her fluffy red oversized Santa hat. Did you know we care for miniature goats at Indian Land Pet Sitting? We find them to be so affectionate and adorable.

Parrot in a Santa Hat

Photo Credit: Flight Quarters

This sweet bird wins the award for patient Parrot of the holiday season! If your bird is into the latest avian fashions, check out Flight Quarters for more birdie bonnets like this Santa Hat or the Santa Claws Flight Suit. Our Indian Land Pet Sitter team loves birdies!

Sleepy Golden Retriever Christmas Pup

Photo Credit: Pet Dog Boutique

Golden retriever puppies are so soft and snuggly that adding a Christmas sweater pushes into cuteness overload. Some of our favorite holiday moments are cuddling sweet doggies while they relax on chilly winter days.

Rudolph the Red-Cheeked Reindeer

Photo Credit: Hungry Chirpers

Did you know that Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was actually a baby cockatiel? This tiny bird’s owners made custom reindeer antlers for the holiday season. Now this birdie’s rosy red cheeks can light up the night sky for Santa’s sleigh!

Snuggly Christmas Kitty

Photo Credit: 57Marie on WeHeartIt

This cozy little kitty is all warm in his green, red and white Christmas sweater. He does look a little confused, though! Pet outfits aren’t for everyone, we suppose.

Is your Christmas wish for the very best pet care during your busy holidays? Our Indian Land pet sitter team will treat your sweet cat, dog, bird or miniature goat like family. We also serve Waxhaw, Marvin, Ballantyne, and Blakeney! Contact us for more information. We are excited to meet you and your beloved animal companions.