Favorite Top 5 Cute Pet Videos


Our 5 Favorite Cute Pet Videos

Caring for a pet makes life more joyful and has even been proven to improve physical health. Pets decrease stress, help to lower blood pressure and boost the immune system! At Indian Land Pet Sitting, we adore animals and we know first-hand the significant positive impacts they have on our lives.

We treat your beloved pets like family because we understand how important they are. Whether you have dogs, cats, birds, or even goats, we’re here to help you have peace of mind when you’re away for work or travel.

Here are our top 5 favorite cute pet videos!

Lexi Wakes up Dad

This adorable white Samoyed puppy says it’s time to wake up! Who needs an alarm clock when you have an adorable dog like this to help you get motivated for the day ahead?

Bird Sings to Dog During Lunch

While we don’t recommend letting your bird too close to your dog (or his lunch), we’re impressed by this adorable little serenade. Birds are surprisingly affectionate, and they’re among the smartest, cutest pets out there. We once owned a cockatiel named Dangerous Dave who could sing the opening song to the Flintstones. He adored getting head scratches, and when you asked him, “Do you love me?” he would even nod his head enthusiastically!

Surprised Kitty

Smaller than the palm of a hand, this adorable kitten just doesn’t know what to do about getting tickled. From playful and affectionate, to independent and sophisticated, all cats have their own sweet personalities. We love caring for them all!

The Official Guilty Dog Video

This one is an oldie but goodie. There’s no way to watch it without melting! Poor Denver. What a sweet dog! Surely he didn’t mean to eat all the cat treats. Maybe if he had a pet sitter to come spend time with him every day, he could avoid this terrible guilt!

Goat Kid Pajama Party

Why would anyone put pajamas on a goat? Or maybe the better question is, why wouldn’t anyone put pajamas on a goat? Our clients are surprised to know that our pet sitting services extend beyond typical domestic animals like cats and dogs. We love caring for miniature goats, too! They are affectionate and playful companions.

Your adorable dog, cat, bird or goat brings so much happiness to your life. Don’t they deserve the best when you can’t be there? At Indian Land Pet Sitting, we’d love to be your go-to pet caretakers. Our experienced pet sitters treat your cute pets like family every time they visit!


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