Hints and Tricks On Using Dog Doors


We have lots of experience with dog doors.  (We don’t want to restrict our blog to only dogs as many cat owners use the doors for their free roaming kitties) A few of our homes have actually sold, we think, due to the new owner head over heels with our dog doors. So here are a few tips and tricks to using and maintaining your dog door.

Installation of Dog Door

First, we can’t offer advise on how to install the door. Please look into a very handy person who has experience installing these types of doors.  We have had to cut through stucco, cement and brick to install our dog doors and frankly it is not for the faint of heart. However, if you have dogs who are in and out of the house constantly, and your knees are tired of getting up and down every time they paw at the door, a dog door is for you!

Training Your Dog to Use Dog Door

You might be curious to know how we train our new pups to go in and out of the door. If you have an experienced dog who knows how to use the door, newbie dogs will simply follow the leader. However, when teaching a new dog to use the door without another dog, we use the bologna method. Stand on the outside of the dog door and stick your hand inside with a small piece of bologna. Of course you can choose whatever treat floats your dog’s boat. When the dog eats the treat, offer another treat so they have to go deeper into the door. (The width of your wall determines how deep your dog door will be) Pull further back until they have to come through the door for a treat. Give the pup great praise when she comes through. Then, repeat the process back on the other side of the dog door. Before you know it they will be flying through the door.

Maintenance of Dog Door

One thing to know is dog doors will get dirty. We use soapy water and a brush to keeps ours in top shape. If you don’t, eventually you won’t be able to see outside the flap. Also, it will not close properly when it gunks up. When cleaning the clear flap, we recommend a MisterClean Magic sponge.  We found it to be the easiest way to keep it clean and clear.

Using the Dog Door Lock out

Dog doors come with a plastic hard door for times when you need to “lock” your dogs inside or sometimes outside the home. There is a common mistake when doing so. Use the hard door only on the side where your dogs will be. In other words, if the dogs are outside, slip onto the outside of the door. In turn, if the dogs are inside the home, slip onto the inside of the door. The reason for this is the dogs most likely will paw to get inside the door. What happens then is they will paw at the plastic flexible door, causing scrapes dulling the finish. Even worse they could pull and tear the plastic off of the door frame.

Indian Land Pet Sitting hope you have enjoyed reading this post and find our tips and tricks helpful. We are professionals when it comes to pets and are always happy to offer advice! Give us a call at 803-228-3963 or check us out at  http://www.IndianLandPetSitting.com