Homemade Thanksgiving Pet Treats

At Thanksgiving, we gather around the table with friends and family to enjoy the best home-cooked meal of the year. Many of us travel to see cherished people we may not get to see very often. Sometimes, though, that means our favorite furry and feathered friends need to stay home. Not to worry, though! Our Indian Land pet sitter crew treats your animals just like family (or better!) while you’re away.

After you return home, think twice about sharing tempting leftovers with your fuzzy companions. Onions and other seasonings can be harmful to pets! Instead, why not help your pet to join in the fun of the holiday season with some homemade healthy Thanksgiving treats? Here are some yummy recipes to consider.

Turkey and Sweet Potato Dog Treats

This recipe from The Corner Vet combines oats, anti-inflammatory cinnamon, sweet potato and turkey to create delicious meatballs that your dog will love! The quick and easy instructions product treats that are ready to share in no time. What a perfect way to share a Thanksgiving feast safely with your pup!

Sweet Potato Bird Balls

These brightly colored, tasty Thanksgiving bird treats are made with veggies, bananas, raisins and apples. What makes them even better is that they can be easily stored in the freezer. You can even customize the recipe to include your pet bird’s favorite table scraps!

Chewy Cat Treats

This recipe from cat fanatic Joy the Baker creates simple soft homemade cat treats that can be cut with small holiday cookie cutters to make extra-festive shapes. For a special Thanksgiving thrill, add a bit of catnip!

Turkey Jerky Dog Treats

These dehydrated turkey treats from Homemade Food Junkie are the perfect way to reward and train your dog around Thanksgiving. However, here’s an important tip for health and safety: leftover turkey works well for this recipe if unseasoned. That’s because you should avoid feeding onions or salt to your sweet pooch!

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Dog Treats

You just may be tempted to eat this Crayons and Collars recipe yourself! We all love a nice big slice of pumpkin pie at the end of Thanksgiving dinner. This recipe provides a healthy way for your dog to join in on the holiday fun! With just 5 simple ingredients, this is a recipe your pup will be so very thankful for!

Will you be on the road this Thanksgiving? Because our Indian Land Pet Sitter team treats your pets like family, you can relax while you’re away. The holidays can be stressful, but we’re here to make pet care the easiest part of the season! Contact us today to get started.