Ideas To Make Owning A Dog Easier

Easier Dog Ownership

As Pet Sitters and dog owners for many years, we have come up with several ways to make caring for your pet a little easier. Whether you live in a home or an apartment we hope you can use a few that you haven’t tried. Let us know what you think!

As any dog owner will tell you, at some point your dog will experience tummy troubles. We have never met a dog who hasn’t. If they are exposed to something at the dog park or eat something smelly in your backyard the problem will begin. A trip to the vet is always in order, and many times they will suggest a bland diet which includes rice. This means real rice. NOT quick cook rice. This is why a rice cooker is invaluable. It is very inexpensive, easy to use and quicker than a trip to the Asian restaurant.

Towels, towels, towels. You can never have too many towels for your dogs. If it rains or snows you will need towels. Towels are great to put down on the floor and use as piddle pads for your puppy. Bath time will require towels. There are always messes that require towels. Make sure before you throw out your worn towels you have enough for your pups. If you have some towels to pass on, please give them to local animal shelters and rescues, as they are always looking for donations of clean towels.

We have met lots of dogs who happily drip water outside the water bowl when taking a drink. If you have a wood floor, this is going to be a problem over time. If you have some cloth placemats that you no longer use, combine those with a piece of waxed paper underneath to help protect the floor. The waxed paper can be changed out regularly and the placemat can be washed in the machine.

Having a carpeted staircase and dogs with fur is a backbreaking battle. Vacuuming stairs is not a delight. This is when the dog brush comes in handy. Start at the top of the stairs, brushing each tread with the brush. Working top to bottom is the best way. Not only will you get up all the dog hair, but it nicely fluffs up the nap of the carpet making it look fresh.

Dog or child gates are invaluable. Whether in an apartment or home, there is usually an area that can be gated off to secure your dog. Kitchen, hallways, baths and laundry rooms are usually good choices. Using a gate will make your dog feel less “trapped” as he will be able to see what is beyond the gate. They are wonderful when you have visitors that come to your home or any time your pet needs to be secured. They have come a long way since the wooden variety of gates, and many are very attractive for your décor.

If you live an apartment and have a secure balcony and a sliding glass door, we have one last idea for you. We have many clients who live in apartments with their dogs. They are constantly opening and closing the sliding door so their pups can sit outside on the balcony and watch the world go by. There is a dog door made specifically for sliding glass doors. It makes living in an apartment with dogs so much better. Now we don’t recommend leaving it open when you are not home as many apartments have strict rules about leaving dogs unattended on the balcony.

Do you have a clever idea that makes your life easier with your dog?

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