Indian Land Pet Sitting – Schedule A Complimentary Meet and Greet in Advance Of Travel

Meet and greets are always complimentary at Indian Land Pet Sitting. Why not schedule one in advance? Whenever that unexpected trip presents itself, your dog, cat or other pet are one less thing to worry about as your pet sitting needs are covered.

We get many requests last minute for new customers who have pets. Unfortunately they have not planned in advance for their care if work or travel calls. We try very hard to squeak in the meet and greet before their trip. However many times our schedule is booked and we cannot accommodate the customer. This is why it is a great idea to schedule a meet and greet in advance.

I have had prospective customers call for pet sitting last minute because the lodging they thought was pet friendly turned out to not be so. Also we get calls because people have to travel for family health emergencies, which many times are unforeseen. In addition we get a many, many last minute calls from pet owners who thought they had their pet sitting covered by a “friend”.

What happens during an Indian Land Pet Sitting meet and greet? The pet sitter meets the pets and sees if he/she think there is a good fit. The pet owner sees that the sitter is an animal lover and very enthusiastic about their pets. All the pet details are gone over. A few questions covered would be where is the food, how are the pets fed, and are there special medications? Additional details about the home are always covered. Pet sitting forms are filled out online prior to the meet and greet, so we have information in hand about the client’s pets, their home, veterinarian, and client’s contact information.

Having a professional pet sitter like Indian Land Pet Sitting ready to take care of your pets when you travel or can’t be home will give you peace of mind. Again, the meet and greet is always complimentary so why not plan in advance and schedule today? Call or click on link below. 803-228-3962¬†



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