Keep Your Home Safe During Winter Travels

When you’re out of town escaping the winter blues, nothing is more important than knowing your beloved pets and home are under good care. No matter how beautiful that sunny resort may be, true relaxation requires a plan to keep things in order at home. At Indian Land Pet Sitting, we give our clients peace of mind while they’re on vacation, because we treat their pets as if they’re family. We also treat their homes as if they were our own! We’re part of the local community and we care about our neighbors, so we go the extra mile to provide light house sitting duties during our visits.

Here are some tips to keep your home safe and in good order when you’re traveling.

Bring in Packages, Mail and Newspapers

In the cold winter months, bundling up to go to the mall is a chore, and online shopping becomes much more appealing! Unfortunately, when we get the chance to escape to a warm vacation destination, those online purchases may stack up at the front door. Packages are an easy target for thieves, and when they sit untouched for days, they alert potential intruders that you’re out of town. At Indian Land Pet Sitting, we provide light house sitting duties such as bringing in your packages and mail to help protect your home.

Turn Lights on and off

Changing your lighting configuration while out of town helps to show potential intruders that people are still at home. There are many electronic solutions to this now, from simple timers to complete smart home systems you can adjust from the beach! When we visit your home to care for your pets, we arrive in unmarked cars and turn on lights, helping your house to look attended.

Stay on Schedule with Trash and Recycling Bins

Doesn’t it always seem that the best day to depart on vacation is the day before garbage pickup? Nothing is worse than coming home from a relaxing warm resort to a stinky heap of trash in the garage. Well, perhaps there is something worse – putting the trash out anyway, only to give away a big red flag that you’re out of town when the bins sit there for days. At Indian Land Pet Sitting, we are happy to do light house sitting duties such as bringing trash and recycling bins to the curb and returning if needed. Just give us the scoop on how pickups work in your neighborhood!

Keep your Potted Plants Healthy

Pets aren’t the only adorable living things in our homes. Plants are precious, too! They clean and moisturize the air in the house, and add a touch of life in those cold winter months. If possible, and depending on the plant, place pots where they can get some sun on an upper level of the home (but not directly next to a cold window). Self-watering pots assure the soil will stay moist. If your indoor plants will need to be watered in your absence, please let us know so we can help!

Protect your Plumbing

Thankfully in Charlotte, we don’t often get sub-freezing temperatures. However, it’s always wise to look ahead at the temperature at home before you travel on that winter vacation. In especially cold weather, it’s important to protect your plumbing from freezing. Remove outdoor hoses, and drain and turn off the water to outside hose bibs. Set the thermostat to an appropriate temperature to keep your house warm for your pets; this will also prevent pipes from freezing. Opening cabinet doors near sinks will also help expose the pipes to warm air.

At Indian Land Pet Sitting, we treat your cats, dogs, birds and other pets like family. We respect and care for our clients’ homes as well so they can have complete peace of mind while on vacation! Contact us to get started with our caring pet sitters.