Have You Thought About Using a Professional Pet Sitter?

Have you thought about hiring a professional pet sitter to take care of your dogs,  cats or other precious pets? Here are a few reasons you might want to consider doing so.

We have received many calls from prospective clients who have in the past obligated friends or neighbors to pet sit and it hasn’t turned out very well. A friend may say yes when asked to pet sit, even though they really don’t have the time or inclination to properly take care of your animals. One event comes to mind when the pet sitting neighbor somehow forgot to put new litter in the litter box after throwing out the old litter. I imagine I don’t need to describe the horror scene that the owners faced when they walked in the door.

There are dog and cat owners who happily use kennels. For some pets that works out just fine. However if you have a sensitive dog, being around the sometimes constant barking in a kennel will stress them out severely. The sights, sounds and smells of their comfy home simply cannot be duplicated in any kennel setting. The pathogens and exposure to other animals are additional reasons why a professional pet sitter maybe a better choice for you and your pets.

If you own many pets, a pet sitter can end up being a good value when you travel. Indian Land Pet Sitting has different rates depending on how many dogs and cats you have. The more you have the better the value. However if you also have a bird, a lizard and need the fish fed daily we can accommodate that with no up charge. Also we have experience as professional pet sitters to administer oral meds, diabetic injections, and special diets without charge.

Don’t forget that your home is looked after, your mail brought in, plants watered and other general care taking requests of the home. We can provide a lockout service for you when you keep your keys on file. We also provide daily pictures and updates and you can see on GPS when we arrive and leave your home. Fully insured and bonded, any property damage done by your pets while the pet sitter is present, or medical expenses incurred are covered. One last, very important point to having an ongoing relationship with a professional pet sitter is simply this: the sitter will become important to your pets and enrich their lives. We have many dog walking clients whose dogs start howling in anticipation of the pet sitter’s arrival.

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