Your Pets and Your 2020 Travel Schedule

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Unfortunately, we do not all have pets that can travel with us. We own a 120 pound Alaskan Malamute and he doesn’t fit well on an airplane. But having a pet clearly doesn’t deter their humans from traveling. According to a recent AAA Travel Survey, 100 million Americans are planning on taking a family vacation this year. Indian Land Pet Sitting recommends to plan ahead and thoroughly research pet care options before booking a pet sitter.

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With the rapid growth of the pet care industry, pet owners have many options. Unfortunately many of those options include neighbors, friends or side hustle pet sitters. They lack the experience, insurance, education and back up systems that truly professional pet sitters such as Indian Land Pet Sitting employs.

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Don’t make the assumption that a pet sitter profiled on a dog walking app provides the same quality service and know how that a qualified pet-care professional will give to the client. A large part of what we do at Indian Land Pet Sitting is give our client’s peace of mind. They know when we confirm a pet sitting or dog walking visit, we never cancel and we never miss a scheduled visit.

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Keep in mind that kenneling a dog or cat has it’s downsides also. By keeping your pets in your home, their schedules are uninterrupted, they are not stressed by new sights and sounds, and their exposure to illness is reduced. There is a hidden secret that kennel owners do not like to discuss. It’s called Bloat. The technical term is Gastric Dilation Volvulus. Nervous or sensitive dogs can sadly experience GDV in a kennel and the ending results are catastrophic.

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When you are ready to put that large deposit down on your vacation of a lifetime, make sure to have your pet sitting plans in place. Meet and Greets are always complimentary so why not plan ahead? Indian Land Pet Sitting